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Car rental agency in Marrakech

Car rental conditions at BigBus Travel

Information on age limit, drivers and papers
The main driver and the additional driver mentioned on the rental contract are the only ones authorized to drive the rental car and must be over 22 years old and have a valid driving license obtained for at least 2 years.

Adding a 2nd driver is free
To rent a car you must have a valid driving license and passport (photocopies are not accepted)

Booking a rental car in Marrakech and everywhere in Morocco with BigBus Tours allows you to rent a car and optional services, namely its delivery and return on a given date and location, and for an agreed rental period.

Pick-up and return of your vehicle

BigBus Tours undertakes to deliver and return your rental car to the airport, Riads, Hotels or to your place of residence free of charge in Marrakech within a radius of 5 km from the agency and with additional costs in the other cities in Morocco…Agadir Casablanca…Essaouira

Possibility of renting a car in one city and returning it in another city
The rental car is provided in perfect working order with all its equipment and the necessary papers to drive in Morocco, you must return the car in the condition in which it was given to you. Please inspect the rental car and its documents carefully before leaving.

Sometimes we do not have a vehicle in the category of your choice. If applicable, we will try to rent you a vehicle of a similar or higher category at additional cost.
You must use the rental car in Marrakech and everywhere in Morocco prudently in accordance with the law and for lawful purposes, not participate with the rental car in rallies without authorization from our agency, do not drive the car on the tracks if the vehicle is not an all-terrain vehicle, respect the laws and regulations of Morocco, lock the vehicle and leave it in a safe place when you are not using it and ensure that all windows and roofs doors are properly closed, stop using the vehicle immediately, subject to preserving your safety, and inform us immediately if a defect is found in the vehicle.

Use of the rental car outside Morocco is not permitted.
If you wish to extend the rental please inform us as soon as possible. And this before the date and time of the end of your rental contract by at least 48 hours and pay on your return the cost of additional rental days set by BigBus Tours The tenant is responsible for the rented vehicle as well as its documents (car papers) for the entire duration of the rental. The tenant is responsible for costs that may be incurred following the loss of papers and accessories and damage caused to the vehicle noted in his absence.
The car rental agency BigBus Tours may refuse to rent a car to you if you behave in a discourteous and unacceptable manner (such as a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or displaying rude behavior towards of a representative of the agency).
We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards and you can also pay for the car rental in cash or by transfer, checks are not accepted.
Upon delivery of the car, the rental agency will carry out a pre-authorization as a security deposit and which at the same time represents the amount of the excess. Your payment card issued in your name and showing sufficient funds available is used for this purpose. (Exceptionally BigBus Tours can accept the use of a payment card belonging to a member of your family who is traveling with you).
In the event of any accident or damage to the rental vehicle, even if no third party is involved, you must immediately notify the police and BigBus Tours Marrakech car rental within 48 hours.

If you are responsible for the theft or damage to the vehicle you must pay the excess amount indicated in the rental contract. Your deductible will not apply if you can prove that the damage, theft or loss is not the result of fault, willful violation, an act of fraud or gross negligence on your part. You must submit a duly completed amicable automobile accident report form to us, including the contact details of the other parties concerned, within 48 hours of the accident. Your liability will not be incurred in the event of loss or damage attributable to a failure on our part in the maintenance of the vehicle.

In the event of minor damage to one of our rental vehicles we will not charge you anything in this regard. Example of minor damage the following damage:
Small dent, small scratch, stains on the seats,…
Insurance and Franchise
BigBus Tours rental cars are fully insured with an excess, the amount of which depends on the type of vehicle.
1,000 euros for intermediate and family cars
2,000 euros for SUV cars
3000 euros for 4X4 vehicles

Fast Booking

Our team is available to listen to your requests 24/7. Upon receipt of your request, we undertake to provide you with a response as soon as possible.

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